Slim Fit Coupler

Condux Product
Condux Product


  • Push-Fit action ensuring fast and easy installation without any use of tools or any need to dismantle the fitting.
  • Water tight and air tight.
  • UV Stabilized and sub-zero endurance to allow use in any environment.
  • No metal parts - resistant to corrosion and most chemicals. 
  • Reduced outside diameter to allow use in tight locations and advanced blowing machines. 
  • Transparent body to verify correct assembly. 

Slim Fit Comfit is a push-fit coupler with a streamlined design for connecting PE cable ducts. The coupler is suitable for cable blowing applications, especially when extreme pull-out or impact forces are required. Plas-Fit Slim Comfit was designed to expand the capabilities of the traditional Comfit line in terms of geometry and performance. 




Part Number


Length (L)

Inside Diameter (d)

Outside Diameter (E)


50mm Slim Fit Comfit




Specification Chart

Rated Pressures: 16 Bar

Working Temperatures: -15° C to +60°

Pull Out Resistance (Constant Force) (1h, 20°C):

   Pipe SDR 11: 5,000N

   Pipe SDR 13.5: 4,000N

Pull Out Resistance (Pull to Break) (20°, 100 mm/min, SDR 11): >7,000N

Bending Test (1h, 20° C, 2 Bar): < 10%


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