Complete Pulling Packages For CableGlider Plus

Condux Product
Condux Product


Two speed removable power pack

6500 pounds of pulling force at low speed

Self Tailing Capstan for addes Stability

Accepts all diameter rope

Pivoting Arm

Vertical pull from floor

Vertical pull down from box

Horizontal pull

Horizontal Vault Pull

Vertical Pull with 45 degree elbow

Vertical overhead pull

Horizontal pull over obstructions


Heavy duty frame

Extra pivoting arm for added versatility


Easy Set-up

Completely sef contained unit


Condux pulling packages offer cost savings and ordering convenience.

See Datasheet for details of what is included.

WARNING: CableGlider Cable Pullers are not to be used as a hoist or for lifting

What's in the box?

    Dependent on which package (see datasheet)


    Foot switch

    Retaining Fork

    Conduit Adapters - 2" (51 mm), 3" (76 mm),

    31⁄2" (89 mm), 4" (102 mm)

    Tool box for the accessories

    HD Extension Frame

    600 ft. (183 m) of 5⁄8" (16 mm) double-braided rope

    Floor/Conduit/Pole Mount Frame

    5" (127 mm) & 6" (152 mm) adapters w/retaining fork

    Running Line Tensiometer w/data recorder


    Amp-type Tensiometer (replaces RLT)


Part No.



CableGlider Plus (Package 1)


CableGlider Plus (Package 1) Split

110 Volt Puller with accessories (above)

HD Extension Frame (pg. 90)

600 ft (183 m) of 5/8" (16 mm) double-braided rope (pg. 43)

Floor/Conduit/Pole Mount Frame (pg. 89)

5" (127 mm) & 6" (152 mm) adapters w/retaining fork (pg. 91)

Running Line Tensiometer w/ Data Recorder (pg. 93)


CableGlider Plus (Package 2)


CableGlider Plus (Package 2) Split

All Items in Package 1 with :

Amp-type Tensiometer (pg. 91) (Replaces RLT)

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