CableGlider STD

Condux Product
Condux Product
Condux Product
Condux Product

Key Facts

Up to 6,500 lbs pulling force


Two speed removable power pack

6500 pounds of pulling force at low speed

Self Tailing Capstan for addes Stability

Accepts all diameter rope

Pivoting Arm

Vertical pull from floor

Vertical pull down from box

Horizontal pull

Horizontal Vault Pull

Vertical Pull with 45 degree elbow



Easy Set-up

Completely sef contained unit



Self-contained unit to adapt to a variety of pulling situations. It comes equipped with a two-speed removable power pack, providing up to 6,500 pounds (28,912 N) of pulling force at low speed. Speed changes are no problem with just a turn of a dial.

Design features include a self-tailing capstan for added stability, a pivoting arm and a foot switch for operator convenience and safety. Accepts all diameter rope (self-tailing capstan accepts 5⁄8" (16 mm) to 7⁄8" (22 mm) rope only).

What's in the box?

    • Foot switch
    • Retaining Fork
    • Conduit Adapters - 2" (51 mm), 3" (76 mm)
    • 31⁄2" (89 mm), 4" (102 mm)
    • Tool box for the accessories


Part Number



110 Volt Standard Cable Puller*


110 Volt Standard Cable Puller Split*

* International Orders Must Specify Plug Type

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