Carrier Kit For Power Dart Blowers

Condux Product
Condux Product


A convenient way  to  order  a  practical  assortment of carriers and seal-off products for use with the Power Dart Blower or other applications. 


What's in the box?

    Power Dart Blower Seal-Off: 1 1/2"- 2 1/2" (38mm-64mm)

    Power Dart Blower Seal-Off: 2 1/2"- 6" (64mm-152mm)

    Power Dart Blower Seal-Off Body: 1/2"-6" 64152 (13mm-152mm)

    Line Carrier: 2" (51mm)


    Line Carrier: 4" (102mm)

    Carrier, Chute 2.00 Nylon: 2" (51mm)

    Carrier, Chute 3.00 Nylon: 3" (76mm)

    Carrier, Chute 4.00 Nylon: 4" (102mm)

    Duct Projectile: 2" (51mm)

    Duct Projectile: 4" (102mm)


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Carrier Kit for Power Dart Blowers

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